Procurement Data Integration

Procurement Data Integration

Visa solutions work with your software and systems

Visa delivers more than a full range of convenient payment options designed to integrate into front-end procurement and payables processes and systems. Visa can also deliver enhanced data through standard file formats or through Visa reporting tools (such as Visa Information Source). This formatted data can integrate into your back-office expense reporting software, general ledger, and other financial systems. After collecting enriched data such as Level III, airline itinerary, hotel folio, and fleet data, Visa can transmit it through the Visa Commercial Format (VCF) to meet your business requirements.

Visa supports a variety of secure communication methods to transport data to the specified endpoint within companies, financial institutions, or hosted applications. To obtain the VCF Specifications, click here.

Integrate data into your accounting system

Visa provides electronic files containing payment and payment-related activity for integration with major financial and accounting systems, reducing up-front costs to integrate and use this data. By delivering a formatted file containing all of the detail for billed transactions, Visa makes this data ready for booking into your general ledger.

Populate expense reports more efficiently

By working with major ERP and expense reporting software companies, Visa can also deliver files in VCF and other formats to the expense reporting module that pre-populates charges, allowing employees to fill out expense reports with existing data. The additional data contained in the transactions (such as detailed airline itinerary and hotel folio data) also allows you to perform post-trip reporting to negotiate terms with suppliers based on billed, versus booked, expenses. By combining this functionality with delivery of the VCF file, Visa enables your company’s purchasing staff to use Visa cards and complete the reconciliation your accounting system requires. With electronic payment solutions and transaction data from Visa, your company can keep pace with the cost-savings and productivity gains that current technology makes possible.

Visa advantages that work for you

  • Ability to choose from a full range of payment options designed to integrate into your front end procurement processes.
  • Options of enhanced data delivery through standard file formats or Visa Reporting tools, such as Visa Information Source.
  • Supports a variety of communication methods to meet your business requirements.
  • Ability to transmit level III enhanced data such as hotel folio, and airline itinerary through Visa Commercial Format (VCF).
  • Seamless integration of data into your accounting system.
  • Formatted files for booking directly into your general ledger.
  • Ability to populate expense reports more efficiently.
  • Excellent blend of functionality and delivery to enable staff use of Visa cards for account system reconciliation.
  • Access of electronic payment solutions and transaction data to facilitate cost savings and productivity gains associated with technology nuances.


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