Visa IntelliLink Compliance Management

Strengthen controls and optimize savings with a state-of-the-art
management tool

Visa understands the need from enterprise clients for improved compliance monitoring so that their businesses can run at the most efficient level as possible. In response to this need, Visa has developed Visa IntelliLink Compliance Management, an intuitive, web-based information-services application that lets you work smarter and more productively.

This innovative solution allows easy, convenient access to information that can improve misuse detection and management. Simply put, Visa IntelliLink Compliance Management is intended to add another layer of protection and control for your business so you can focus on the things that matter.

Transforming data into information

Visa IntelliLink Compliance Management starts by taking the data generated by commercial card payment programs—including transaction, vendor, and enhanced data—and transforms it into easily accessible information. This information is made available to you through a simple web-based application that requires no special hardware, software, or special programming knowledge.

Transforming information into knowledge

Visa IntelliLink Compliance Management then gives you tools that turn this information into knowledge to help detect and evaluate card misuse, identify cost-savings opportunities, and provide oversight across agency and performance metrics at a glance.

Transforming knowledge into intelligence

Most importantly, Visa IntelliLink Compliance Management turns knowledge into transparent intelligence you can manage. By incorporating advanced analytic techniques such as neural network technologies, pattern recognition, and “machine learning,” Visa IntelliLink Compliance Management becomes progressively more adept at presenting transactions that represent potential misuse.

Visa IntelliLink Compliance Management features and benefits:

  • Analytics and investigative reporting
  • Misuse and abuse detection
  • Program and regulatory compliance
  • Program performance reporting
  • Questionable spend and risk reduction
  • Self-service administration
Visa IntelliLink Compliance Management has been validated by a third party as meeting the requirements of Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS).

Visa IntelliLink Compliance Management offers many benefits including:

  • Increased cost savings for your corporation
  • Reduced risk through greater program supervision
  • Streamlined audits using less personnel and a single, electronic repository for audit information
  • Better access to transparent and actionable intelligence

Visa IntelliLink Compliance Management modules

The tool is comprised of distinct modules that make it easy for any organization to customize a solution to their specific program's needs.

Administration module

  • Enables self-service administration and profile management
  • Provides users with specific application entitlement rights
  • Offers several role-assignment options for users

Reporting module

  • Provides industry-standard pre-defined and interactive custom reports
  • Provides online access to transaction level detail
  • Provides investigative ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • Sends email alerts based on customizable, system-wide criteria

Dashboard module

  • Provides a quick graphical view of key operational metrics with drill-down capability
  • Allows users to customize graphical displays
  • Provides indicator thresholds to monitor program health

Rules module

  • Manages rules for flagging transactions based on specific criteria
  • Provides users with industry-standard rules
  • Allows users to create and customize rules based on their need
  • Allows personal, card-program and system-wide rule library creation
  • Sends email alerts based on customizable, system-wide criteria

Sampling module

  • Allows users to statistically sample their transactions based on predefined or custom sampling plans
  • Randomly selects transactions using specified parameters and advanced search filters

Predictor module

  • Uses advanced analytic techniques such as neural networks to identify newest areas of risk and vulnerability
  • Integrates user feedback for evolved learning
  • Allows users to monitor transaction scores and take action for audit consideration

Compliance module

  • Allows users to manage their caseload of flagged transactions with an automated workflow review and documentation process
  • Provides customized questionnaires by card program type to audit suspect transactions

Sourcing module

  • Allows users to review organizational spend patterns creating opportunities for cost savings with key vendors
  • Integrates merchant data for analysis of target spending goals and prioritized objectives

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