Philanthropic Response in Times of Disaster

Visa has a longstanding commitment to helping people affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises. In these difficult times, we work with and support our designated global response partner, the Red Cross, to aid in relief efforts. The Red Cross helps Visa assess disaster situations and enables Visa and its employees to direct funds to the people and places in greatest need. For example, in response to the January 2010 Haitian earthquake, Visa worked with the Red Cross to help the people of Haiti through our donations to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund. When Japan suffered a major earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, Visa quickly provided support for relief and recovery, including donations to the Red Cross. In both cases, Visa also matched employee donations to relief efforts on a two-to-one basis.

"In times of major disaster, we rely on support from companies such as Visa to strengthen our ability to respond to immediate needs and longer-term recovery. We are grateful for Visa’s philanthropic support to help us deliver hope to millions.”

American Red Cross
Gail J. McGovern
President and CEO

Delivering Aid in Pakistan
Delivering Aid in Pakistan

Learn how the government distributed aid to 1.5 million displaced persons.

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