Cash Learning Partnership

Visa recently teamed up with the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP), an inter-agency initiative whose members include Oxfam GB, Save the Children UK, the British Red Cross, the Norwegian Refugee Council, and Action Against Hunger/ACF. CaLP is focused on building capacity, sharing knowledge and promoting best practices around the use of "cash transfers"-or the delivery of assistance through money or vouchers rather than physical goods when markets are still able to function.

In order to support the development of best practices in the electronification of cash transfers, Visa's support of CaLP focuses on how to increase preparedness for disasters by reducing the time and resources required to distribute relief funds to people impacted by emergencies, beginning with a pilot project in the Philippines.

"When a natural disaster occurs, delivering humanitarian aid quickly and effectively is critical. Visa's support is helping our consortium provide a platform for coordination, research and knowledge sharing around cash transfer programs, which under the right circumstances can help deliver relief to those who need it most while supporting local economies. Together we hope to make a significant contribution to delivering humanitarian cash transfers more efficiently, effectively and securely."

The Cash Learning Partnership
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Flood Relief
Flood Relief in the Philippines

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Currency of Progress

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