Supplier Diversity

Visa USA recognizes the value of diverse suppliers and ensures that working with diverse suppliers is an integral part of our strategic sourcing and procurement processes. Visa is committed to promoting relationships with minority-, woman-, and disabled-owned suppliers as well as small businesses (collectively called “diverse suppliers”). Visa continually seeks the best service, quality, and value-at the best cost-by building mutually beneficial relationships with a broad and diverse supplier base.

We believe that supplier diversity provides us with a significant position of strength from which to support our clients and perform in the markets we serve. Our Supplier Diversity Program is founded on three basic operating principles:

  • Promoting business opportunities for diverse businesses and ensuring that they have fair access to bid and contract opportunities.
  • Growing the amount of quality products and services we procure directly from diverse suppliers, or indirectly through companies who share our commitment to diversity.
  • Communicating the value of supplier diversity, both internally and externally.

How to register

Visa is committed to working with qualified suppliers who fully meet the criteria established in our Supplier Diversity Program. We welcome all potential suppliers who can add value to our products and fulfill our requirements on a competitive basis. However, we cannot promise to transact business with all suppliers who contact us. If you are interested in registering as a diverse supplier, please confirm that your company meets the qualifying requirements below before submitting a supplier profile form. Requirements include qualifying and certifying as a diverse supplier, offering goods and services purchased by Visa, and being prepared to qualify as a Visa supplier.

  • Does your company qualify as a minority-, woman-, or disabled-owned business?
  • To qualify, an independent, third-party agency must certify that your business is at least 51% owned by a minority individual or group, and that the management and daily business operations are controlled by one or more of those individuals. This includes persons who are:
    • AfricanAmerican
    • Asian/PacificIslander
    • Hispanic
    • NativeAmerican/AlaskanNative
    • Women
    • Disabled
  • Is your company a certified M/WBE or DBE?
  • Certification is an essential component of Visa’s Supplier Diversity effort. “Certification” means that an independent, third-party agency has reviewed the ownership and management status of your business and verified that it is minority-, woman-, or disabled-owned.

  • The certification process typically involves completing an application, providing written documentation, and may include allowing the certifying agency to conduct a site visit. If your business qualifies, the agency will issue you a printed certificate to verify your status. These certificates usually must be renewed annually.

  • For more information on certification, please contact one of the following organizations, which may be able to assist with the certification process:

    >National Minority Supplier Development Council
    >National Women Business Owners Corporation
    >Women's Business Enterprise National Council
    >Association for Service Disabled Veterans

  • Does your company offer products and services within the commodities purchased by Visa?
  • Products and/or services for which Visa purchases or contracts:
    • Consulting and business services
    • Consumables
    • Facilities
    • Hardware
    • Marketing and creative services
    • Software
  • Is your company ready to qualify as a supplier?
    Visa will analyze a number of issues as part of our procurement and vendor qualification process. Following are some of the items we will review:
    • Type of work
      Is the work and project size reasonable for a company of your size and track record to pursue?

    • Liability insurance
      Is your coverage in line with large company expectations? Do you have the appropriate insurance certificates?

    • Service level agreement
      Can you meet the deadlines and highest service levels that are standard for your industry?

    • Type of company
      Is your company privately held? Do you have complete financial statements?

    • Form of contract
      Visa typically utilizes our own contracts. Are you prepared to review and utilize these standard agreements?

    • Background checks
      Are you currently conducting full background checks on all employees and contractors? Can you do so, if required?

    • Pricing
      Do you fully understand the pricing of all components of the goods and services you are selling? Can you be profitable with competitive adjustments to your current pricing models?
  • It is critical that minority-, woman-, and disabled-owned business enterprises (MWDBEs) and other small businesses address these and similar issues in advance, so that they do not become obstacles during the limited timeframe of an RFP or an auction deadline.

Second-Tier Initiative

Visa recognizes that an effective Supplier Diversity Program is an essential part of our company’s success. The Second-Tier Initiative aims at enhancing Visa’s efforts to increase meaningful opportunities for diverse suppliers. We strongly encourage our major suppliers to participate in our Supplier Diversity Program by establishing relationships with, and committing a percentage of expenditures to, diverse suppliers. Participation in the Initiative demonstrates added value on the part of our majority suppliers.

  • What are the benefits of participation?
  • For all competitive bids in excess of $100,000, applicants will be requested to supply information and data regarding M/WBE policy, strategy, and goals. Submission of information will be an element in the supplier selection process.

  • Supplying information
  • Suppliers participating in the Initiative will be requested to periodically supply information and data on their specific use of M/WBEs.

  • Reporting methodology
  • If you are a current Visa supplier, you can report your second-tier spending in support of Visa with our Second-Tier Reporting Form.

    To obtain further information on how to participate in the second-tier program, please email

Contact us

To learn more about the Visa Supplier Diversity Program, please contact us.