Enabling global innovation in mobile payment solutions.

Visa is working to accelerate the introduction of innovative mobile payment solutions around the world.

The Visa Ready Program paves the way for non-traditional payment partners, such as mobile device manufacturers, technology partners, wallet providers, and mobile network operators, to easily navigate the complexities of the payments ecosystem. The program provides innovators a path for the certification of devices, software and solutions used to initiate or accept Visa payments as well as guidance and best practices to access the power of the Visa network.

For NFC mobile payments

Support for cloud-based and secure element based implementations

NFC-enabled mobile phones are transforming the consumer shopping experience, allowing consumers to make purchases with a wave of their smartphone. Visa already provides support to partners who are hosting the Visa payWave application and account data on secure elements in smartphones. We have extended the Visa Ready Program to also support clients and partners who wish to securely deploy Visa accounts in the cloud. The Visa Ready Program is designed to ensure Visa mobile payments are compatible with the payment industry security standards.

For more information about the certification process for NFC mobile payments, please email cloud@visa.com.

For mPOS solution providers

Mobile technology is enabling merchants of all sizes to accept card payments. Mobile devices paired with payment card readers are expanding the reach of electronic payments globally. Visa recognizes the growth opportunity, and is taking steps to accelerate the deployment of trusted solutions in the marketplace.

The Visa Ready Program enables mPOS providers to quickly bring compliant solutions to market by defining mPOS requirements and best practices.

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For NFC mobile device manufacturers

As part of the Visa Ready Program, Visa is providing NFC device manufacturers with a Visa Ready symbol that can be used to market and promote mobile devices that are compliant with Visa payWave.

To get more information about the testing and certification process required to promote your NFC-enabled mobile handset as Visa ready, please click here.