Our people

At Visa, we're interested in smart people looking for ways to make a visible, meaningful impact on the world of payments. Our team includes mathematicians and engineers, technologists and psychologists, marketers and managers — people with a diverse array of educational backgrounds, work experiences, and life goals. We're proud to be able to support our people in finding their everywhere at Visa.

World of Visa

Meet some of our people.

I love weaving my knowledge into the culture of a business.

JaimeEnterprise Risk Management Dubai

Before Visa, Jaime worked as a consultant, helping organizations improve their internal control systems. Now he's found the perfect place to grow, move and connect.

I expected rigidity and bureaucracy. I was wrong. Now I'm always telling my friends how cosmopolitan and innovative it is here.

I love weaving risk management into the culture of a business. Visa's no exception. Sometimes it's a challenge for people to see how this adds value. That's why I work to make the subject more engaging and inspiring.

For me, it's difference that makes the difference. There are countless and diverse risks in this business. The key is being open-minded and finding different solutions.

Visa surprised me then. And it still does now.

AmyIT Strategic Planning and Business Operations Foster City, CA

After working with us as an outside consultant, Amy joined Visa as a full-time employee. What really interested her was the prospect of being part of a global company that was changing so fast.

Visa surprised me then. It still does now. I thought I knew the business as a consultant. But I found the level of talent here extraordinary.

Success? It's really all about effective delivery. To do this, people have to work together and share common objectives. That's Visa. Our culture is very supportive and there's collaboration throughout.

I'm always on the lookout for talent. But like everyone else here, my standards are high. I look for outstanding leadership and a unique vision for change.

I'm surrounded by positive energy.

AnushaGlobal Processing Singapore

Anusha had always heard great things about working for us. So when an opportunity became available to join us, she jumped at the chance.

I'm surrounded by positive energy at Visa. Bright people too. It's something I'm always telling my friends about.

Sometimes the small things really do count. I always brought my lunch to my old jobs, but not here. That's because the cafeteria is so good. A good working environment matters.

It sounds like a cliché, but my work's challenging and fun. Helping to develop new commercial products, building next generation processing solutions and getting an opportunity to work in both North America and Asia has been invigorating.

We have the smartest people in the industry.

MartinGlobal Commercial Solutions Washington, DC

Martin switched from being an external consultant to leadership roles within Strategic Partnerships, Business Development, and Global Commercial Solutions.

It's an entrepreneurial atmosphere. Visa gives you the opportunity to achieve and define your career.

Recognition is inspiring. I was very proud when my public sector team and I received Visa's President's Award, for successful sales efforts.

Good relationships come first. They're vital to Visa's long-term business goals. But you have to look for other ways to expand them too — it's paramount to our success.

We've got the smartest people in the industry. But what's really smart is how people always take the time to help others. It really makes a difference.

Everything is changing so fast.

LinneaBusiness Development New York City, NY

Linnea focuses on the merchant side of our business, handling client requests, resolving issues and ensuring they get our best.

I am so passionate about what we do. My obsession with electronic payments is a bit strange, but we've made the shopping experience so much better than it used to be.

Everything is changing so fast. A rapidly evolving landscape forces us to bring Visa's best.

Our merchants thank us all the time. I had a client who had an issue with counterfeit cards. We were able to give them a fix really quickly. Hearing their relief felt great.

It's cool what we do. There's the actual work, and then there's the general working culture. People here are friendly, open and really smart.