Visa Inc. and Visa Europe

Today, Visa Inc. and Visa Europe are separate, independently operating companies, with Visa Europe operating in Europe with an exclusive, irrevocable license in perpetuity.

Visa Europe is owned and governed by its European member financial institutions, so as to be best positioned to serve a borderless payment market in Europe, meet the goals of its member financial institutions, consumers and merchants, and support the European Union's vision of a Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). 

Visa Inc. and Visa Europe are mutually invested in each other's success. The two organizations are united by a common global brand and work together to ensure Visa's brand integrity, interoperability reliability and security of Visa products and systems. Visa Europe is also a minority stockholder in Visa Inc., and Visa Inc. will receive royalty payments from Visa Europe. To ensure the two companies remain interoperable, Visa Inc. and Visa Europe provide services to each other that maintain and support the overall Visa enterprise.

For more detailed information on SEPA and the European payment cards market, visit our global gateway page.

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