Financial Literacy

A Platform That Empowers

At Visa, we believe that our expertise as a global financial services company provides a platform to empower people by helping them better manage their finances and understand the responsibilities that come with using a debit, credit or prepaid Visa card. Imparting this knowledge not only strengthens our business but works to improve the lives of those who use our products and services. Visa's guiding principle is to economically empower consumers who use our products and services. 

A Key to the Future

For more than a decade, Visa has been developing financial literacy programs that teach individuals how to spend, save and budget responsibly. 

Our free financial literacy programs are global in reach and scope. We have invested millions of dollars in these initiatives and will continue to develop engaging, effective and relevant tools to teach people of all ages the fundamentals of money management. Visa had an ambitious plan to share its financial literacy programs with 20 million people around the world by May 1, 2013. We met that goal a year ahead of schedule in May 2012. Over 26 million have been reached as of September 2012.

A Global Approach

Visa's financial literacy work extends to more than 30 countries and is customized in each based on level of economic development, cultural standards, educational levels, government priorities and target audiences. Third-party partners - such as governments, schools, banks and nongovernmental organizations - are actively engaged to improve reach, awareness and impact.

Take a tour of our many financial literacy programs and learn more about the benefits they deliver to people around the world.

Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa 
Latin America 

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Financial Literacy Summit

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