Today's data thieves are sophisticated in their technological prowess and in their understanding of the payment infrastructure. They are smart, nimble and determined - moving quickly to take advantage of new opportunities to perpetuate fraud globally.

Although fraud rates remain near historic lows, today's criminals - data thieves, hackers, phishers and dumpster divers - are dangerous because they don't just steal money, they steal peace of mind.

Trust at Stake

To meet this threat, every entity with a stake in electronic payments must be fully committed to protecting the system. The fundamental trust that customers place in their choice of payment is at stake. At Visa, we believe nothing is more important than security and building trust among all stakeholders in the system.

Multiple Layers, No Weak Link

There is no "silver bullet" to eliminate fraud. Visa's approach is based on the belief that the only effective way to fight fraud is to employ multiple layers of security. Criminals attack the payment system from many directions, using multiple tools and tactics. We work to protect each link within our control and work with others in the payment chain with an aim to help ensure there is no single point of failure.

Peace of Mind

Each policy, process and technology within Visa's matrix of security works in concert with the others to achieve a single, critical goal: creating and maintaining the safest, most secure way to pay and offering our customers the peace of mind they need to use Visa with confidence.

Learn more about Visa's security layers and read about our approach to payment card security. For more information on securing the payment system and tips for protecting your card, visit your country's website.

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Visa Security Media Kit
Visa Security Media Kit

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Protecting the Payment System
Protecting the Payment System

Learn more about our comprehensive approach to security.